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1/3" high resolution digital presenter

Brand new Style !
Smartly upgraded functions !

The UF-80DX/ST, a entirely new concept presenter, boasts a totally re-created attractive design,a brand new user interface and a host of newly developed features.
With its compact, user-friendly styles, XGA live display at up to 20fps and powerful 42�zoom function , the UF-80DX/ST is the perfect
instrument for you to create a polished live presentation!

- 1/3" 850,000pixels PS CCD
- Powerful 42X zoom (14X optical with seamless 3X digital zoom)
- Native XGA live images with 20fps real-time motion
- Supports DVI output plus USB 2.0 for PC preview and capture
- User-friendly design, Easy control with mouse and GUI


New Concept, Fresh Design!
Aesthetically stimulating design that satisfies your refined taste
The eye pleasing UF-80

The unique open round base offers great flexibility to lay larger objects
completely across it and zoom in for powerful close-ups.
Its compact design allows you to work in a limited space environment.
Optimize your presentation space with exceptionally versatile and
convenient functions that will enable the presentation of 2 dimensional
and 3 dimensional objects.

- The UF-80 is recognized woroldwide from the prestigious
international design awards for its innovatively sleek design.


Crisp & Clear Images!
The Samsung UF-80 uses advanced technology that expedites successful imaging.

Powerful 42X Zoom (14X Optical with 3X Digital Zoom)

Samsung's new, high-speed, 14X auto focus zoom makes it possible to clearly present a wide range of materials.


3D Presentation

With optical 14X auto focus zoom, it is possible to make a realistic and
3 dimensional presentation. Size and object is no longer an obstacle of your presentation.


High resolution of crystal clear image

The UF-80 delivers high-resolution of XGA images (1,024 x 768 pixels) with no resolution loss and with progressive scan color CCD. It is ideal for use with a highresolution XGA projector or monitor.

Image Rotation

The object image can be revolved through the image rotation
function including the zoom control.


Faster Display, More Convenient !
The world's first technology developed by Samsung elevates
the efficiency of your business

Crisp live image with 20fps
Real Time Motion

The UF-80 delivers high-resolution, XGA images (1,024x768 pixels) with 20fps of image frame rate. Samsung Techwin's new technology has made great strides in live image presentation. The UF-80 is equipped with a motion technology that prevents coarse motion which is caused by the defective progressive scan.

Wireless Remote Control

With wireless remote, you have complete control of your presentation.

USB Interface

Through a USB 2.0 Port, you can control various digital multi-functions
of the presenter from a PC with exclusive USB software. Moreover, it is
possible to record presentation images at 20fps and capture them just
like a 3D scanner.

Supports DVI Output

DVI output can be used with higher end projectors for higher bandwidth and uncompressed clearer images. Through DVI output, digital images can be transferred without loss.

Easy Control with GUI

For users more comfortable using a mouse, the UF-80 includes a pull
down menu with a simple GUI to access every feature.

Advanced Features for UF-80DX

8-Image Store

Up to 8 images can quickly be stored in memory for later recall.

Split screen and image shift

With the UF-80DX, you can compare the saved image with a live one
through the split screen. And the position of the saved image can be easily adjusted by utilizing the shift function.